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We have pet house rabbits! 

We have pet house rabbits! 

Jeff's Vacuum Center Started in 1994...

Lynette and I bought Discount Vacuum in March, 1994 and changed the name to Jeff’s Vacuum Center. About the same time, we started Lake Area Carpet Care. Selling the carpet cleaning business in 2001 allowed us to focus on serving Watertown through Jeff’sVacuum Center. We moved to our current location at 10 S. Broadway in January of 1998. The years of selling and fixing vacuums while also using one thousands of hours a year on different types of commercial and residential carpet, has given us an in depth real world understanding of what does and does not work in a vacuum for different types of carpet and flooring. Our customers have found this 7 years of experience in stain removal and carpet cleaning very useful. We’ll help you find the right product (cleaner, stain remover, mop or vacuum) and show you the right way to use it for the best results.

Jeff has a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from SDSU ( which helps with fixing the more complex modern machines).
Lynette has a Veterinary Technician certificate from MIM in MN and experience as such for a local animal hospital. Besides being able to recommend the best pet stain remover and show you how to use it successfully, she can give you advice on why the pet is spotting and how to remedy the behavior. The best stain is the one that never happens!

We are blessed with two wonderful grown children: Remington and Margaret. I don’t know if that helps us serve you better (I think it might). I can’t pass up a chance to tell them we love them and are proud of them. Especially since they are reading this to see if the “Old Man” did okay with his website. Love you guys.

Lynette has a horse. If you are a “horse person” it may take a bit longer to buy that pack of vac bags if ‘that’ subject comes up. Just FYI.

You may see one of us running sound for the worship team or helping with the youth at church, herding and mentoring the High School Robotics Team, or just hanging out at the local hardware/feed store. If you do, please say ‘Hi’ and feel free to ask a vacshop question anytime.

We are members of the VDTA (Vacuum Dealers Trade Association) since 1995. This means we keep up on the latest developments in the floor care industry through attending international seminars and reading trade journals. Only the best and tested products find a home at Jeff’s Vacuum where they are waiting for you.